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The Ultimate Salsa & Bachata Learning Program

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Unlocking Rapid Progress in Your Dance Journey

Our new program is designed to accelerate your learning process and take your Salsa and Bachata skills to new heights. We've incorporated special techniques & training methods that go beyond the traditional once-a-week class.

This year, we've aligned our class modules for Salsa and Bachata, opening up exciting opportunities for faster growth at all levels. Whether you're delving into Salsa, Bachata, or both, the synergy between these dance styles can enhance your overall proficiency.

We understand that this approach may not be suitable for everyone, but if you're eager to elevate your dancing skills to new heights, then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Beginners Ultimate Training Program

Initially your dance journey will start with one beginner lessons per week in either Salsa or Bachata. After just four weeks, you'll have the option to attend up to two classes per week in your chosen style. For instance, if you're in week #6 of a class, you can also join a week #2 class on a different day. This approach empowers you to amplify your learning and solidify your foundational skills. Mastering the fundamentals is the key to unlocking your dance potential.

Intermediate Ultimate Training Program

Once you've successfully completed your beginner's training & grading, you can continue with up to two classes per week at the improver-intermediate level. However, we strongly recommend maintaining your participation in beginner classes. It's not just about learning new moves; you must consistently practice and refine your basics. By dedicating yourself to both beginner and improver-intermediate classes, you can attend up to four classes weekly. This intensive approach guarantees remarkable progress in your dancing skills. If you wish to grade at this level which is optional you may decide to do a 30min Private grading which can unlock even more growth through feedback.

Advanced Ultimate Training Program

When you have completed 32 lessons at the previous level you can start to train at this level. At the intermediate-advanced level, we encourage you to fully immerse yourself in all our classes by attending up to five per week, including the option to explore performance classes. Similar to the previous levels, we emphasise the importance of continuing with beginner and improver-intermediate classes. Consistently drilling and enhancing your fundamentals is the key to mastering any dance style.

Performer Ultimate Training Program

For those aspiring to excel in their performance, we highly recommend engaging in all of the activities mentioned above. The choice should be tailored to your current skill level. It is crucial to maintain a strong foundation through ongoing training, as routines alone may lead to the development of detrimental habits. We encourage you to fully immerse yourself in our classes by participating in up to six sessions per week, understanding that not everyone can commit to this level of involvement. Nevertheless, it remains our top recommendation. The next best option would be to focus on the higher levels offered in the Imp-Int and Advanced programs. Additionally, starting in 2024, we will introduce a new 'performer card' with updated pricing details, which you can explore further on our pricing page >

How do you start?

Please don't hesitate to engage in a conversation with one of our dance teachers to discuss the concepts mentioned above. No reservations or additional steps are required; you can simply proceed in the usual manner if you'd like to delve into this dance training. We highly recommend pursuing the platinum program through our grading system to enhance your dance skills and receive valuable feedback along the way. Ultimately, this will lead to cost savings, as achieving platinum-level status offers financial benefits. Additionally, engaging in a dialogue with one of our teachers can provide you with a deeper understanding and actively involve your instructor in your learning journey.

The Significance of Mastering Dance Basics

  1. Establishing Muscle Memory: Dance basics, such as posture, footwork, and body alignment, serve as the foundation for muscle memory. Regular practice of these fundamentals helps your body adapt to correct techniques, making them second nature. With these movements ingrained in your muscle memory, you can focus on more advanced choreography and artistic expression.

  2. Reducing Injury Risk: Proper technique not only enhances your performance but also minimizes the risk of dance-related injuries. Drilling basics, such as maintaining proper body alignment and posture, ensures safe movement, protecting your joints, muscles, and ligaments from strain and injury.

  3. Versatility: Dance basics are the universal building blocks for various dance styles like Salsa & Bachata. Mastering these foundational movements enables you to transition smoothly between styles & flavours, like speaking a universal language that connects you with diverse aspects and forms of dance.

  4. Artistic Freedom: Contrary to misconceptions, mastering the basics & fundamentals doesn't stifle your creativity. Instead, it provides a sturdy foundation from which you can explore and innovate. With solid fundamentals, you can confidently experiment with new movements and styles, knowing you have a strong core to return to."

Online Training for all Levels

To take your dancing skills to the next level, we strongly encourage you to engage in practice and explore new dance footwork using our accessible online resources! Delve into the world of dance with our expert Salsa Latina instructors, who specialize in teaching beginner and improver-intermediate shines through our convenient online training classes. Join us here to begin your journey! online training classes here >

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Sep 25, 2023

Any questions please chat to a dance teacher!

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