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#1 Salsa Movie: In The Heights

'In The Heights', which premiered in June 2021, is an adaptation of a popular Broadway musical featuring Anthony Ramos in the lead role as a bodega owner residing in the vibrant neighborhood of Washington Heights, surrounded by a close-knit Latino community. The film revolves around their aspirations for a better life and their collective efforts to make a positive impact on their individual journeys.

What places this movie at the forefront of our recommendations is the captivating salsa dancing showcased in each dance sequence. With choreography by the renowned Eddie Torres Jr. and Princess Serrano, and the participation of some of New York's finest salsa dancers in various roles, the film offers a thrilling display of On2 Salsa dancing throughout, promising an exciting cinematic experience.

If you haven't had the chance to watch this movie yet, or perhaps you watched it before embarking on your dance journey, we strongly urge you to do so now. It's a fantastic showcase of the authentic Salsa styles we adore and teach at Salsa Latina. Numerous instructors at our studio (previous & current) have learned from and admire several of the remarkable Salsa & Mambo dancers featured in this film – their skill and professionalism are truly awe-inspiring!

See the Doco & Trailer below.

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