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Benefits of Learning Performance

Updated: Feb 18

Joining a performance Salsa or Bachata team or course as opposed to taking regular dance classes can offer a unique and enhanced dance experience. Here are several reasons why dancers might be drawn to joining a performance courses & teams:

Reuben & Miléna - 1st Place Salsa Cabaret pro-am @ World Salsa Solo Competition in Brisbane 2023

  1. Showcasing Skills:  Performance Salsa & Bachata teams & courses provide a platform for dancers to showcase their skills and abilities in a more public and formal setting. This can be particularly appealing for those who enjoy performing and want to share their passion with an audience.

  2. Choreography & Routine Development:  In a performance group classes, dancers usually work on choreographed routines. This allows for a more structured and polished presentation, and participants can experience the creative process of developing intricate dance sequences.

  3. Team Bonding:  Being part of a performance team fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Dancers work closely together to perfect routines, which can lead to lasting friendships and a supportive dance community.

  4. Performance Opportunities:  Members of a performance Salsa & Bachata teams & groups may have the chance to participate in various events, competitions, or showcases. This exposure can be exciting and provide valuable experience in front of diverse audiences.

  5. Skill Development:  The more intensive nature of performance Salsa & Bachata teams often accelerates skill development. Dancers may receive more focused training, including feedback on technique, styling, and stage presence.

  6. Higher Expectations:  Being part of a performance team comes with higher expectations regarding commitment, practice, and dedication. This can be appealing to dancers who are looking for a more serious and challenging dance experience.

  7. Personal Growth:  The pressure and excitement of performing in front of an audience will contribute to personal growth. Dancers may develop increased confidence, overcome stage fright, and become more comfortable expressing themselves through dance.

  8. Entertainment Value:  For those who enjoy entertaining and engaging with an audience, being part of a performance Salsa & Bachata team can be especially fulfilling. It allows dancers to entertain and bring joy to others through their dance performances.

  9. Passion for Performance:  Some dancers simply have a passion for the stage and love the thrill of performing. Being part of a performance Salsa or Bachata team aligns with this desire and allows them to indulge in their love for the spotlight.

Ultimately, the decision to join a Salsa & Bachata performance teams or stick to regular dance classes depends on individual preferences, goals, and the level of commitment a dancer is willing to invest in their dance journey. Both options offer valuable experiences and contribute to a dancer's overall growth and enjoyment of the dance form.

At Salsa Latina we have new courses starting at the beginning of the year, this is your one time chance to try out performance courses before you decide to commit to any performance team.

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