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Mambo: Salsa On2 Conversion Class

Salsa Class Update 2024:

Salsa On1 to Salsa On2 Conversion Class

An exciting update, introduced from 2024 - in this level and this specific class & New York Module#2 - (Salsa Imp-Int Course 204 - Week#4) is a special class to learn about Salsa On1 timing & Salsa On2 timing, learn about Salsa Music in a new way, this is needed for the next level (Salsa Int-Advanced).

• Tuesday 7:30 or Thursday 7:30pm - see dates > • Learn How dance Mambo with steps you already know • Mambo Shines vs Salsa Shines • Mambo Partnerwork & Etiquette • Salsa Music & Percussion Theory • Natural Conga Timing

What is Mambo?

Mambo is Salsa danced on the 2nd count aka ‘Salsa On2’, this style originated from New York. The main thing to remember its still “Salsa” and It’s a very popular style around the world to dance. It happens to be the same ‘style’ we teach in our regular Salsa classes ‘Salsa On1’, just danced on the first count. The current system & structure of our fundamentals taught at Salsa Latina is mainly New York style structure with Puerto Rican flavours and all the shines system is the same too, so it’s just a matter of learning more about the music and how to step in a different way.


It’s important to realise this level is ‘Salsa Improver-Intermediate’ Module 204, as long as you have passed a graded from beginners you can join. Ideal for first timers learning On2 or for those that want to brush up on their timing & skills.

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