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New Bachata Imp-Intermediate Starting September

NEW Bachata Imp-Intermediate Mondays 7:30pm as well as Wednesdays 7:30pm

We're thrilled to expand our Imp-Int sessions to include Mondays. Starting in September, we're adding a fresh imp-int Bachata level at 7:30pm every Monday starting at Module 207, building a crucial bridge for those aiming to reach the Int-Advanced level at 8:30pm starting in Oct. This enhancement means Bachata dancers at this level can accelerate their progress, with the exciting opportunity to participate in over 2 classes per week to double their learning curve.

With the Bachata Modules 201 to 208, we are mirroring the success of our "Salsa Modules" This new level is designed to benefit both advanced learners and beginners alike, creating a seamless pathway to higher levels of Bachata proficiency. By embarking on this journey, our students can anticipate a more immersive and enriching experience, fostering substantial growth within the Bachata Community at Salsa Latina and in Christchurch.

Bachata Intermediate

Bachata Imp-Int Course Content & Types:

• Bachata module 201 = 4 Weeks (Dominican Partner-work + Shines)

• Bachata module 202 = 4 Weeks (Moderna Partner-work + Shines

• Bachata module 203 = 4 Weeks (Fusion Partner-work + Spining & Turns)

• Bachata module 204 = 4 Weeks (Sensual Partner-work + Shines

• Bachata module 205 = 4 Weeks (Traditional Partner-work + Shines #1)

• Bachata module 206 = 4 Weeks (Dominican Partnerwork + Shines #2)

• Bachata module 207 = 4 Weeks (Sensual Partnerwork + Shines#2)

• Bachata module 208 = 4 Weeks (Traditional Partnerwork + Shines #2)

Bachata Levels

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