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Salsa Beginner Grading Awards & Results

Grading Awards & Results for 26th July 2022

Congratulations to all our students that have challenged themselves with the Salsa Beginners Grading so they can gain entrance to higher levels. We have emailed all the results to those that attended. No matter your level, there are always many things to improve your dance level, the exciting part is there is always growth. This is your dance journey and we want you to be at the level that suits you best for maximum growth. It's always good to get feedback on areas that need work to improve.

A mix of Practice, Online Classes, Private Lessons, Group Classes, & Social dancing is the key for the best development. A certificate will be sent after you get your results and any special award or platinum grade if you did attain this will be added to this certificate. We don't list all the results to a grading however we do list special awards as below.

If you didn't get an email with your results please contact us asap

Congratulations to these 3 Salsa Students;

• Debbie Lee - Most Improved Award

• Jessica Frota - Follow Award

• Jawwad Azam - Lead Award

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