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Salsa Performance Course Starts 24 Nov

This Performance Salsa partnered course will be aimed at performing in parties, films & Festivals. You'll learn a reworked, modernised routine from our past winning competition choreography. This is a great way to get started into the performance world and a chance to get invited into a competition Bachata or Mambo team in the future.

Your level will need to be at least 'Salsa Intermediate'. Generally 8 plus weeks of Salsa Imp/Int will be enough for many. Continuous training in our course syllabus is very important too. If you are unsure of your actual level, please talk to a teacher. No partner is needed initially, but you'll want to start to think about looking and organising one. Typically dancers choose their own partner but we're here to help too.

Initially 4 weeks in 2022, then this starts back from 12 Jan 2023 Until March. From March the course will finish and change to a team training. Dancers will get invited to join the performance team and the training slot will move to a Sunday evening.

Gif video below is from Sydney Salsa Festival when our Salsa champion team performed this routine at the international event a few years ago. Come learn a new exciting revamped version of this routine in November this year.

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