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SILC Latin Competition Results for Salsa Latina

Salsa Latina had around 40% of the South Island Latin Championships Adult entries in this competition for 2022, with 20 placings! Not evening mentioning the incredible size of our teams. This really shows how we are growing in the Latin dance scene in New Zealand.

Some of our main highlights include; 1st place in both Bachata & Salsa team couples categories & our Ladies Amateur shine team “with one pro” placing ahead of a combined Pro Team. We also had some amazing first place victories in various categories. Congratulations to all Salsa Latina competitors who placed, and to all those who competed. A massive thank you to all our supporters for cheering us on. We haven't finished for 2022, the National Competition in Auckland is coming up. We are also gearing up for next year, with bigger, better plans and goals for 2023. If you are considering trying performance see this page for Ladies teams> & This page for couples teams>

Top Row (left to right): Naomi, Grace, Bridget, Jeremy, Wayne, Jana, Pablo, Mike, Robyn, Krystie, Amy. Anna, Marcela, Alastair, Jack, Cynthia, Jorge, Grace, Milan, Reuben, Jenny, Miléna, Howard, Jessica. Scott. Estela Bottom Row (left to right): Laura, Corinne, Ngaire, Tayla, Emiliano, Hannah Missing; Ethan, Marcelo

Salsa Latina Results at the.. South Island Latin Championship 2022


1st - Salsa Latina Bachata Team - Latin Teams

1st - Salsa Latina Mambo Team - Salsa Teams

2nd - Las Tigresas - Salsa Shines Teams

1st - Grace Glass & Milena Hubert - Pro-Am Salsa Duet

2nd - Milena Hubert - Female Salsa Solos


1st - Reuben Watkins & Milena Hubert - Open Salsa Freestyle

2nd - Scott Suen & Grace Glass - Open Salsa Freestyle

1st - Grace Glass (Am) & Scott (Salsa Latina) - Pro-Am Salsa Freestyle

3rd - Tayla Malyon (Am) & Reuben - Pro-Am Salsa Freestyle

1st - Alex* & Cynthia Estrada - Amateur Salsa Freestyle

2nd - Emiliano Veronesi & Tayla Malyon - Amateur Salsa Freestyle

3rd - Henk* & Jessica Pelayo - Amateur Salsa Freestyle

1st - Hamish* & Hannah Shepherd - Amateur Zouk Freestyle

2nd - Henk Wang & Grace Glass - Open Bachata Freestyle

2nd - Jessica Pelayo & Michael* - Pro-Am Bachata Freestyle

3rd - Hannah Shepherd & James* - Pro-Am Bachata Freestyle

2nd - Emiliano Veronesi & Tayla Malyon - Amateur Bachata Freestyle

2nd - Marcelo Moreira & Cynthia Estrada - Amateur Bachata Freestyle

2nd - Hannah Shepherd & Grace Glass - Kizomba Freestyle

3rd - Alex* & Amy Marie - Kizomba Freestyle


* = Non Salsa Latina Registrant

Am = Amateur

Pro = Professional

Pro-Am Freestyles only the Amateur is Judged

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1 Comment

Oct 16, 2022

Super proud of all of our dancers over the weekend! Amazing results :-)

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