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Grading Update 25-10-23

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We have introduced a few great changes & improvements into our grading exams for Salsa & Bachata going forward

#1 Pre-Printed Certificates

Moving forward, you can find these available at the reception area instead of as PDF attachments. Once your grading is complete, you may request a certificate.

#2 Member Badges Awards

When our online members achieve specific grades, award badges will be automatically linked to their profiles. Attaining a platinum level or a 5-star grading will result in the acquisition of special recognition badges. This new system offers a delightful way to appreciate outstanding performances across different facets of dance.

• Awards for 5 star inc: Connection, Lead & Follow, Shines & Timing
• Platinum Badge Awards (Diamonds) earn one of these for each level and style.
• Badges cannot be added retrospectively, to gain these you'll need to do a newer grading, as these are automatically assigned.
• Members have full control of their own account and makes certain tasks on this website easier.
• Access to 2 Free Beginner Training videos

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