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Learning Plateaus in Latin Dance

This applies to Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and all Latin Dance styles

Everyone has learning phases, it's like climbing a mountain. The biggest is in the first year of learning Salsa & many other partner dances. At some point you will plateau 'level off', it's where you reach a certain level where you feel as though you can't learn any more, or not progressing at the same rate as you started, this may even seem to feel as though you are going backwards!

The trick is to keep on going until you break through your plateau and then you will be on your next learning phase. Breaking through a plateau is an awesome feeling! You'll then be on your next phase of learning until you eventually plateau again.

Yes you will plateau again & again & again.....

If you feel like you've "learnt it all or Plateau'd" there are always more things to learn. It's essential to keep an 'open mind' to pick up on the small things which are actually "big" things! Sometimes going back a level to relearn or practice the fundamentals make a huge difference. Remember social dancing & practice is also an essential part of the picture. These are the keys to breaking through your plateaus.

You can never learn to much in dance classes, there are always many benefits of keeping going & going even when you think you've learnt enough, i.e. learnt so many combos's. Actually combinations & variations on dance moves taught in "Salsa Latina" classes are used as tools to teach you more skills & technique, the more you learn the more you can do with ease.

Regular classes pay off in accumulating effect to your own style/flavour, flow, feel of the music, partnering, body movement & styling. The more you do the easier it gets, even if you consciously don't remember, you do actually absorb it will all come out somewhere in your dancing. For guys, moves & combos start happening without realising, you be able to put its together with more flow. For females, you'll be able to follow better with awesome style.

An interesting thing about learning, the more you learn & the more you break your plateaus the more you relise there is more to learn. This is the great part about Salsa dance, there is always more... & its fun!

~ It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. ~ Epictetus

~ The more you learn, the more you become aware of what you have yet to learn. ~ Steve Pavlina

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