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8 Reasons he won't ask for a second dance

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Ladies… so you think you had a super fun dance with a great dancer. But you wonder why he never asks you for a second dance. Most guys won’t tell you why, but here are some common reasons…

'THE WILD HORSE The wild horse follower usually doesn’t have a good command of timing, musicality or following technique, so she steps randomly with no particular connection to the music or what her partner is leading. She’s might be completely oblivious to this, having a blast in all the randomness, OR possibly freaking out because doesn’t really understand how to follow (yet). The wild horse is one of the most difficult types to lead because you just can’t control her. Her lack of frame means you can’t even help her stay on time unless you put her in a kizomba hold and lock her down. Ladies, if you’re new to dancing, keep it simple and don’t be “extra”. Tip: practice your timing on your own, take some classes, learn shines, listen to music, get feedback from a trusted instructor and keep it simple. If you’re experienced, know your #1 job – to follow, and you’ll build a connection that will allow for more controlled “extra”. While there’s tons of freedom to play with in salsa, there are certain rules that help make it flow, and help your leader know where your weight is. If you’re taking extra steps/missing steps or breaking back on 5.5,6,7.75,8, you’re making your poor leader suffer in confusion. Moral of the story, don’t be a wild horse. DIVA DANCING

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. ​not smiling

  2. never making eye contact to show interest in the dance

  3. looking bored/looking around at other dancers

  4. lazy stepping/following like you’re too good for this dance

  5. giving negative energy

  6. giving looks of disgust when a move doesn’t work/blaming him for everything that doesn’t work'

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