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Salsa Night Fever - Updated Event

We have made a few minor changes to this event and trying some new ideas for the next party on Saturday 23 July. Also there will be no event in August due to the Hanmer Salsa Winter Festival. Firstly the Free Intro for this next event will be a Free Bachata Shines class at Open Level, this is for all levels including beginners. It's a fun interactive footwork class to get people in the mood for dancing and will be something new for all levels yet beginners can also join in. Secondly the Kizomba room will only now happen once there is a high number of dancers and will be decided on the night. While Kizomba rooms are nice for Kizomba dancers, its a tough balance, we also want everyone to mingle and have this amazing dance seen which would encourage people to learn this style. Vice versa we also like to encourage Kizomba dancers to learn other styles so that everyone can have fun all night rather than divide styles to much. Thirdly we will be playing 1:1:1 ratio when all styles are in one room so there is an even amount for all styles .... see the event details here >

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