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Studio Hire Sign Up Process

To be a 'key access holder' and enter Salsa Latina Dance Centre 24/7 you will need to do a hire agree and follow these steps below. If you have hired our studio, signed a contact but don't know the check code please do the sign up form again and watch the video. 
- Do allow at least 2-3 days to get setup before hiring.

- See the walkthrough video below to get an idea of the studio sizing.
- You are also welcome to come take a look at the venue, contact us to arrange a time

Studio Hire Costs & Payments

- Initial Setup Fee & Possible Bond depending on usage
- The Studio prices are on the shop pagepricing page here >
- Studio Hire payments to be done on on the online shop here >

- Tip: Hiring a studio will usually need to be paid prior to booking, we suggest setting up a log-in option for this website or setup paypal properly so you can make future bookings a breeze.


Step 1

Initial Hire Form

Before any 'sign up' make contact with us with this special form, to see if it is suitable and the time you want is available. This is a questionnaire for us to help determine which options suit your needs. Help us to help you... please do this first step >

.... Initial Hire Form >

Step 2

Pay the Sign Up Fee

A signup fee is required before we can do any bookings, so you can purchase in our online store here
Note this is non-refundable but will only ever need to be paid once unless a bond has been refunded.

$20 Sign Up Fee (once off fee)

.... PAY $20 SIGN UP FEE >

Step 3
Should you lodge a Bond?

Decide if you need to lodge a Bond, which best fits your scenario?
Most people hiring for practice won't need to lodge a bond. There is some limitations as below. If you are hiring for to run a class, business or run your own group of people more than 3 you will need to lodge a bond. You may also decide to lodge a bond to get less restrictions as below. The main difference is around payment & variable time slots.

• A: Casual Access = No Bond

- Best Suited for private training with less than 3 persons.
- Payment - Pre-purchase  Via our online store only  - buy before your booking starts - Buy Here  >

- Time-slots  = 1 hour slots only.
- 24/7 access

• B: Full Access = Bond Lodged
- Best Suited for Professionals, Businesses and groups hiring

- More than 3 people yes you will need a bond
- Payment - Can be paid by arrangement, invoice or purchase a "hire pass" on our online shop here >

- Time-slots  = Minimum 30min slots.

- 24/7 access
- $100 Bond (refundable when you stop bookings)

.... PAY $50 BOND  >

Step 4
Hire Regulations & Walkthrough Video / Check Code

Watch the Walkthrough Video on the Hire Regulations, conditions of use page & read information

Take note of the 3 digit check code within the video. Its our assurance you have understood all the information.

Important, you will need to agree with terms of use aka Read Hire Regulations 



Step 5
Sign the Hire Contract Agreement
- Make your own copy and sign and wait for confirmation

 - Fill in the website Hire agreement / Contract


Door Codes

Once we have approved the hire agreement & you have done all steps above

we will send the door codes & alarm codes via email,. Please do save this on your phone.
We will only send Door & alarm codes once everything above is approved.



Step 6 

Optional - Join us and be informed on our Facebook Group
f you intend to hire allot in the future our door codes do change, most studio updates are posting  on our facebook group. Join our facebook group for teachers & Hirers, request to join here >


Step 7

Make a Booking

Once all approved and you have completed the above steps you can book a studio anytime.


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