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3 Studios For Hire: Salsa Latina Dance Centre has studios available for hire. Ideal for dance practice, fitness training & any other activity. If you wish to run a dance or fitness or martial arts related programme or classes please get in contact with us.


How do you hire a Studio?

If its your first time, you'll need to contact us to work out times for your booking and schedule a meeting to show you around and all the ins and outs of operation at the studio. You'll need to sign a hire agreement with a bond fee & a sign up fee. If you are booking a practice time when there are others running classes no hire agreement is needed. Use the contact booking form below.

Hire Rates:

Depending on the use of the hire there's 3 types of hire usages all with different rates:
• General Hire Rate
• Practice Rate
• Event Hire Rate


General Hire Rate:

If you want to hire for generally for practice, training, Fitness, Photography etc. or if you want to hire this venue to run classes, courses, workshops etc. If you are running a course or continuous class, this could includes some free advertising.

• Studio#1 - Large Studio

- $40ph *Full Rate = Mon-Thurs After 4pm

- $30ph *Weekend Rate = Fri, Sat & Sun

- $25ph *Day Rate = Monday-Friday before 4pm

- $18ph Practice Rate (3 people max)

• Studio#2 - Medium Studio

- $25ph *Full Rate Only

- $15 Practice Rate (3 people max)

• Studio#3 - Small Studio 
- $10ph


Practice Rate

For practice or private lessons etc with a maximum of 3 people in any studio 1 or 2, if more than 3 people then it's general hire as above. Note: This type of Booking can be cancelled at any time. If you want full security you will need to upgrade your hire to a non-practice "Full rate" or book studio#3, see above prices.


Events Hire Rate:

If you want to hire this venue for public or group events & parties, cleaning is required for events. Note: we don't hire out for general alcoholic based parties & 21st etc & we don't hire out studio#2 or #3  by itself.

- Studio#1 Full rate: $45ph (includes reception area & studio#1 only)

- Venue Rate: $60ph (whole venue includes studio#1, #2 & #3)

Studio Hire Regulations & Extra Fees

Terms & Conditions of use, plan of the building with studio size comparison. How to operate the studio and regulations, please read here > 

Facebook Group

Join our facebook group for teachers & Hirers join here >


Studio hire or studio related; Director & Manager - see details >

iCal Booking Live Links

Subscribe to all 4 each studio Booking iCal stuctures, we suggest using the colours as below. You wont be able to book via this system, just viewing only, you'll still need to book via the booking form below. Works best with apple products, iphone & macs, but look online for adding to calendars for PC's & other smart phones & google calendar. Turn off notifications so you are not bombarded with notifcations. Please be aware this does not mean the dance centre is empty when there are no bookings. We will be phasing out the previous Practice Rate and instead put "PR" to reference any practice rate bookings.

iCal Links & Suggested Colours for iCal

• Red......... Studio#1 : iCal

• Purple.... Studio#2 : iCal

• Green..... Studio#3 : iCal

Studio Booking Form

Have you signed a Hire Contract?
Repeat Booking?

- For Multiple bookings please repeat this form.

- For repeated permanent bookings you need to either give us an end date in the message below or let us know 2 weeks prior to cancelation.
- Bookings are in 15min increments: e.g. 2:00pm 2:15pm 2:30pm & minimum of 30mins
- We will email back to confirm any bookings

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