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Dance Studio Hire

Salsa Latina Dance Centre: x3 Studios are available for Hire. Ideal for dance practice, training, Group Classes, Workshops, Hobby Events, Dance, Fitness, Catwalk Training, Photography etc. Available 24/7 with self access.

- Door code update dates see the hire agreement page here >

Studio Hire

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Initial Equiry Form
Please fill this out this first step to see if we can help


Hire Regulations
How to operate the studio & walkthrough & T&C's


Map & Location
Google map & more details of Salsa Latina Dance Centre

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Studio Pricing & Payments
Pricing for studios and online payments for studio hire

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Signup & Agreement
Signup for 24/7 studio hire so you can make bookings

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Code of Conduct
Code of conduct for Salsa Latina Dance activities

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Make a Booking
Once you have signed up you can make bookings here

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Google Bookings
Current bookings viewable via google calendar

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