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Studio Hire & Bookings

Salsa Latina Dance Centre:

3 Studios For Hire: Salsa Latina Dance Centre has studios available for hire. Ideal for dance practice, fitness training & any other activity. If you wish to run a dance or fitness or martial arts related programme or classes please get in contact with us.

Hire Rates:

Depending on the use of the hire there's 3 types of hire usages all with different rates:


#1 Full Hire Rate:

For practice, training, Group Classes, Workshops, Hobby Events, Dance, Fitness, Catwalk Training, Photography etc. if you want to hire this venue to run classes, courses, workshops etc please contact us asap

#2 Practice & Fitness Rate:

- Practice Rate: 

Ideal for individuals training or with trainers, which include practice or private lessons etc with a maximum of 3 people. If more than 3 people then it's full rate hire as above. No Bond required.

- Fitness Rate:

In studio 2 we have fitness equipment which includes Squat rack, barbell weights, Olympic Bar, Dip & pull up bars, Weight Multi Angle Bench, Lat Pull down and seated row Machine. Ideal for 1-3 persons Maximum for this rate. No Bond required. To use this equipment you will need to be authorised. You will need to have an initial induction fitness appointment with Reuben (qualified personal trainer) or other qualified personal trainer.  Enquire here >


#3 Events & Venue Hire Rate:

Hiring this venue for group events & parties. Cleaning is required. This includes the whole venue with 3 studios, reception. Table & Chairs etc. Please do enquire about the event first and supply as much info as possible to check with us if you event is possible.
Note: we don't hire out for general alcoholic based parties & 21st, weddings etc. .. contact us to enquire >
- $40 Bond Required
- Payment require prior to booking.

- Venue Rate: $100ph (whole venue includes studio#1, #2 & #3)


• Studio#1 - Large Studio

- $50ph *Full Rate = Mon-Thurs After 4pm

- $35ph *Off peak Rate = Weekdays before 4pm & Friday, Saturday & Sunday

- $20ph Practice Rate (3 people max)

• Studio#2 - Medium Studio

- $25ph *Full Rate

- $15 Practice (3 people max) & Fitness Rate (2 people max)

• Studio#3 - Small Studio 

- $10ph *Full Rate & Practice Rate 

Studio Hire Regulations

Terms & Conditions of use, plan of the building with studio size comparison. How to operate the studio; which includes walkthrough video, check list and regulations, plus a signup form for hiring at Salsa Latina ........please read here > 

Traffic Light Policy

Your Responsibilities & Requirements for entering Salsa Latina under the Traffic Light Framework.  Salsa Latina's Policy is as least discriminate as we can. Bookings may sit under different settings, so please contact us if you have questions more >


Studio Hire Signup

Before you start do allow time to gain access. Also a $20 Signup fee is required as a one-off fee. If you wish to start the process of a signup so you can book the studio please use the signup form on this page  to get started >

Payment & Bonds

- Do you need a bond? how are payments done? see this info on hire regulations page here- Buy Studio Hire Here >

Studio Booking Form

- 3 Digit Check Code; This is to make sure you are up to date and registered with us and have seen our studio induction walkthrough video or if you haven't used our studio before please read information at the top of this page. If you don't know this code please see the sign up page.

- For more than 3 bookings please repeat this form.
- Bookings are in 1hr increments (If you have lodged a bond you may add to the message with 30min increments)
- Booking Confirmation: We will email back to confirm any bookings. Do alow up to 1-24hrs for conformation during weekdays. Weekends you might not get a response until Monday afternoon. If you have lodged a bond or used the studio more than once you may use the studio without a reply, but there  is no guarantee the booking is available.

- Pre-Payment needs to be made prior to a booking unless a bond has been lodged - Buy Studio Hire Here

- Bonds are not always required but there is advantages.... read more >