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Last Update: 03 Dec  2021
☆ Traffic Light Framework  Update

NZ is now into this Traffic Light System please read below on all traffic light and alert level information & your requirements for entering Salsa Latina. Please contact us if you are affected, we will be able to arrange something with you individually.

☆ Bachata Beginner Grading Results: Wed 17 Nov

Congratulations to x21 Bachata students that challenged themselves with the Gradings on Wednesday 17th Nov, with x20 students passing in total will go through to the next Level. Plus a special acknowledgment to x9 students that reached Platinum Level Grade, x5 of those re-graded, which means they improved massively.  No matter your level, there are always many things to improve your dance level, the exciting part is there is always growth. This is your dance journey and we want you to be at the level that suits you best for maximum growth. A mix of Practice, Online Classes, Private Lessons, Group Classes, & Social dancing is the key for the best development.  If you didn't get an email with your results please contact us. Special awards are not necessarily based on level but many factors, so to celebrate those that achieved them we have listed them below:

☆☆ Special Awards ☆☆☆

- William & Celeste Johnston - Sabor Award (Favour)

- Nathan Marshall - Most Improved Award

- Tash Dunn - Follow Award
- Josh Stone - Lead Award

☆ Bachata Courses Start This Wednesday

- Free 1st Class for Beginners Bachata at 7:30pm ... see more ⇢

- New Intermediate Bachata Courses start Next Wednesday ... see more ⇢

☆ New Log-in Members System

You'll notice in the top part of the menu you can now log-in via google or facebook etc. This will make future shopping on our website a breeze. This is super easy to setup and confidential.  Get Free Videoes, Resources and build your own profile on our website. 
Click  Log-in now to setup your account.

☆ Salsa Latina Competition Results 2021

NZSi Latin Dance Team Champions 2021 our teams did extremely well with 1st Place in Salsa Teams & 1st Place in Bachata Teams. Including all the freesytle & choreographed Salsa Latina had x9 1st Place titles and 16 placing in total, thanks to all our teams and supporters... see full results here >

☆ Competition Teams Now Invite Only

From 2022 to join a competition team will be invite only, which includes, our Mambo Team, Bachata Team & Ladies Salsa Shines Team. You can however join our performance Salsa Couples routine, this is now our entry point into the world of performance and competitions. So how to you get invited? .... read more here >

traffic light online.jpg

Traffic Light Framework

Please read below on all traffic ligh information & your requirements for entering Salsa Latina and we have carefully & currently decided, 'with he limited choices we have', below. Further updates will be posted here. We are trying to be as non-discriminate as we possibly can with the mandates, otherwise we would have to close our doors. If you can't come to class because of your situation do message us as we have some ideas to help you keep moving and dancing including online classes which we will be offering some for free.

Important Notes:

- Masks Optional but recommended for entering the building or dancing and applies to all Traffic lights
- Check in downstairs with your QR code as normal.

- All Teachers, workers & helpers need to be at least single jabbed by 3rd December and double jabbed by 17th Jan. This applies to all traffic lights Green, Orange or Red.
- My Vaccine Pass or MVP / CVC is a certificate passport that shows if you have been vaccinated. This applies to anyone which includes students or visitors over the age of 12YO in the instances listed below. 

- Children Under 12YO a MVP / CVC is not required to be presented to Enter Salsa Latina in any traffic light scenario. In other words all kids under 12YO can come straight in without being checked and wont affect total numbers.
- Information on this page is based off SportsNZ and Govt Websites only, we don't use second hand information.

Green Light 
☆ Anyone can Enter 

MVPS "My Vax Pass" will NOT be checked in Green for any activity at Salsa Latina. With these main considerations which include:  low risk & less community exposure, 90%+ jabbed and coupled with the fact we wish to be non-discriminatory,  we will be 'opting out' of the traffic light system. So in other words, you wont need to show a MVP vaccine certificate to enter Salsa Latina in Green light, nor will be required to be jabbed to take classes in Green Light. Because of our choice there is limits as below, which has proven not to be an issue in classes in the past during level-2 in the past.

- 100 person limit in studio#1, 30 person limit studio#2, 3 person limit studio#3

Orange Light 
☆ MVPs Required for:

MVP's "My Vax Pass" ARE required for the following & the traffic light system:
- All Dance Classes MVP's required - (No Limited in numbers in any studio)
- Salsa Night Fever Class & Event MVP's are required ..see details on this event here >

- These will be checked at reception before class at reception

☆ MVPs Not Required for:

MVP's "My Vax Pass" are NOT required for the following & the traffic light system will not apply to the following:
- Private Lessons ( dance teacher discretion )
- Private Practice / Studio hire for private use
- Private Gatherings up to 50 persons
- Friday Salsa Nights but there is a limit of 50 persons.. see details on this event here >
- Dance Teams or Sports Teams 

- Children Under 12YO a MVP not required

Red Light
 MVP Required for:
MVP's "My Vax Pass" ARE required for the following & the traffic light system:

- All Dance Classes with 100 person limit in studio#1, 30 person limit studio#2, 3 person limit studio#3

☆ MVPs Not Required for:
MVP's "My Vax Pass" are NOT required for the following & the traffic light system will not apply to the following:

- Dance Teams or Sports Teams  MVPS not required 

- Children Under 12YO a MVP not required

 Your Responsibilities:

- Make sure you wash hands and use hand sanitiser when you can & please so stay home if you are sick.

- Scan QR code on entering the building
- Masks are optional in this traffic light system
- People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, for example those with underlying medical conditions and  those considered to be at risk eg. older people, are encouraged to take additional precautions such as below.
- ​You are also welcome to dance with one partner if you choose not to be part of the partner rotation/swapping in classes, it might pay to organise this prior to class with someone.
- Keep Fit & healthy with exercise and dance!

- Stay healthy, work with your GP if you have underlying health issues.

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Dance History

History of all Partner Dancing

The Predecessor to all modern partner dances is the Waltz. 
If you look at Tango, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Semba, Kizomba, Son, Forro, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, Swing, Jive, and all Ballroom styles. They all have..

Salsa latina Team
Salsa Latina Latin dance Teams.jpg

• Salsa Latina Teachers
• Salsa Latina Performance Teams


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Dance Class Gradings

Group Class Gradings to Progressing to the next level, in Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba you will need to do a group grading or private grading to join a higher level. You wont be able to join higher levels without grading from 2021. 


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