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Last Update: 25th June 2021


☆ Salsa Beginners Course Thursdays ☞ Last Chance to Join

Last chance for new people to join this course next Thursday. A new course has just started on Thursday at 7:30pm.  Beginners course deal is now available 24hrs after the start date, closing tonight. If you miss this deal grab a concession card , more details here ⇢

☆ Beginner Course Deals Extend

We have now extended all SBK Beginner Course Deal until 24hrs after the start date.. read more >

☆ Bachata Courses Start ☞ 7th July

⇢ Bachata Beginners 101 (FREE 1st Class) Starts Wednesday 7:30pm with Milena & Reuben.....details ⇢
⇢ Beginners Deal now available until 24hrs after the start date...details ⇢

⇢ Bachata Intermediate Starts Wednesdays 8:30pm with a New Sections & Focusing on Bachata Sensual with New Dominican Shines never taught in Intermediate. With Milena & Reuben .details ⇢

☆ Casa Publica Salsa Nights ☞ New Start!

We have introduced a New start to this night with a "Sensual Hour" 50% more Bachata and Smooth Kizomba and some Sensual Salsa. Join us for a great night every Friday and remember even though its Free Entry, do support the bar & restaurant so we can keep this night running every Friday night. ...See details >

☆ Gradings for 2021

Gradings are now in place, to progress to the next level in Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba you will be required to go through a group grading or a private grading. Every beginner course on week 8 will have a grading and you can now see these on the timetable labeled clearly in pink......more details  ⇢

☆ Hanmer Salsa Winter Fest 2021 ☞ Selling Out Fast!

Less than 2 passes are available, so dont miss out! If you miss out online sales then you can still buy at the door full price, but priority is given to full passes, and you could risk being turned away in some popular workshop times. You don't want to miss out on this amazing event. This year we have 8 Teachers lined up with some of the best workshops/classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba. and Afro Cuban. If you are planning to stay the weekend, Now is also a good time to book a holiday house or motel etc... see website here >

☆ Milena's Ladies Kizomba Team Video Release

After months of hard work Milena's Kizomba Ladies Team are excited to show you all what they have all been working on.

Massive thanks to the team of amazing ladies and team that worked on the video: 

Choreography by: Miléna Hubert. Filmed by: Tunes Firwood, Reuben, Mike Lord, Edited by: Mike Lord & Music: "Ninogeshe" by Nandy

See the full video on our facebook page and instagram accounts, facebook link click image below

kizomba dancing
Instagram Videoes at Salsa Latina

Covid Updates

Christchurch is currently now in  Alert Level-1

Last Update: 6th March 2021
Back to Level-1 from Sunday 7th March 2021
 ☆ Classes  & Events in Level-1

Salsa Latina classes & events are running completely as normal in Level-1 with Partner Dancing Pre-Covid.

As per the MOH guidelines and guidelines for Contact sport at Level-1 'Sport NZ' ...See more info here >

Sport, active recreation and play under Alert Level 1 looks like much like it did pre-COVID-19, with border restrictions. There are no restrictions on businesses and services (including hospitality), no restrictions on gathering, no requirements for physical distancing, and no requirements to keep records to enable contact tracing. While none of the public health requirements are mandatory – it is important to remain vigilant and continue to practice good hygiene to minimise the risk of community transmission. In Alert Level 1 we should be vigilant in maintaining these good practices so that we are prepared to quickly move into higher alert levels if we need to.

Checking-in & Contract Tracing 

When you arrive at Salsa Latina you wont need to fill in a hand written check-in. We will be continuing to display the QR code tracing poster in reception for your own records.

10 Golden Rules
  1. If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go to work, school or socialise.

  2. If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, call your doctor or healthline. Get tested.

  3. Wash your hands.

  4. Sneeze or cough into your elbow and regularly clean shared surfaces.

  5. You must self-isolate if you’re told by officials to do so.

  6. Stay healthy, work with your GP if you have underlying health issues.

  7. Keep track of where you’ve been.

  8. Businesses help people track movements by displaying the QR code.

  9. Stay vigilant.

  10. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

☆ Covid Level-2 

Similarly to the previous Level-2 in the South Island, we run our dance classes in accordance with MOH advise.
• We are Open in Level-2
• Classes are running as Usual
• Partner Dancing Allowed in Level-2
• Limits of 100 & Check-in on Arrival
• Casa Publica Salsa Nights will run at Salsa Latina instead in Level-2.. read more >
• Your responsibilities in Level-2

... read more below..

☆ Classes & Events in Level-2

Salsa Latina classes & events are allowed to be running as normal in Level-2 with Partner Dancing 

As per the MOH guidelines and guidelines for Contact sport at Level-2 'Sport NZ'

Alert Level 2 references from this post here, which includes a link to the offical website >

  • Covid 19 Alert level 2

  • Sport NZ – play, active recreation and sport at level 2.

  • Specific enquiry with MOH confirming partner dancing is allowed at Level-2 

There are also a number of dance schools and other dance events still running as normal with partner dancing and swapping partners but with 100 limits in venue spaces or 100 person limits in specific areas.

We have shared and posted on our facebook page 19th August 2020 detailing how partner dancing can happen in level-2 from Masha 'Dance Hub' who has had also direct contact from MOH. If you have concerns and wish to read and understand this please see the link off this facebook post here >


At Alert Level-2 Contact is Possible 
Contact including partner dancing is possible with this event, if health measures are observed, which will include but is not limited to:

  • contact tracing 

  • hand and surface sanitisation

  • masks are optional

  • if you are sick  stay at home

Checking-in & Contract Tracing 

When you arrive you'll still need to fill in our the hand written check-in for contact tracing, despite the QR code tracing poster which is displayed in reception next to the check-in. This is because under level-2 dancing has more contact and we need to trace everyone for our venue. Once we are in level-1 we will not need the check-in.


Your Responsibilities:

- Make sure you wash hands and use hand sanitiser when you can & please so stay home if you are sick.
- People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, for example those with underlying medical conditions and  those considered to be at risk eg. older people, are encouraged to take additional precautions such as below.
- Masks are welcome but not required as we know every person in our dance scene and will be or are registered members.
- ​You are also welcome to dance with one partner if you choose not to be part of the partner rotation/swapping in classes.​

☆ Classes & Events in Level-3 & 4​
Under Level-3  Classes & Events will not run in the studio, however we will run online classes

Frequently Asked Questions about Dance Classes for Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba, Cha Cha & Merengue

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