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4 Bachata Levels for Beginner to Advanced Starting Now

We're excited to launch our latest level for Advanced dancers starting next week. We also have a beginner course & two Intermediate levels kicking off simultaneously covering a variety of subjects this week. Our updated timetable now also list styles or content taught. (uploading now)

• NEW Beginners Bachata FREE - Starts This Wednesday 6:15 (1st Nov). No partner needed and everyone is welcome to bring a friend to join in. ...Join Now >

• NEW x2 Intermediate (Imp-Int) Bachata Levels - Stating This Monday (30th Oct) & Wednesday (2nd Nov) 7:30pm. Join one or 2 classes per week. Grading or assessment required to join. ...find out more >

• NEW Advanced (Int-Adv) Bachata Levels - Starting Next Monday 8:35pm (6th Nov). Requirements to join - you must complete all 8 Bachata Imp-Int Modules to join or Pass a grading for Imp-Int Bachata. Talk to one of our teachers is advisable if you are unsure. ...find out more >

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