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Bachata 101 Grading Awards & Results 15-03-23

Grading Awards & Results for Wednesday 15 March 2023

Congratulations to all Beginner Bachata students who took on the challenge of the Beginners 101 Grading in order to advance to the next level. We had a 100% Pass rate in this group class with a record amount of high level grades - Well done!

It's fantastic to announce that 9 Bachata dance students have achieved a high-level "platinum grade" - an incredible achievement for this group! ...see below

Special Awards

Congratulations to these Students;

• Kevin Placid - Most Improved Award

• Rachel Phang - Sabor Award

• Lewis Poulsen - Best Lead Award

• Nana Heng - Best Follow Award

• Georgia Sandilands - Highest Grade Award

All students who participated in the grading will have received a certificate containing their results, including any special awards or platinum grades earned. While we don't list all the results publicly, any special awards will be posted on this page. If you haven't received your certificate yet, please ensure your spam filter is working correctly and contact us as soon as possible.

Gradings are also designed to help improve you fundamental level, so If you didn't get a platinum grade on the first attempt this is actually normal for most 80% of people. You can always improve your fundamentals in beginner classes or get help in the areas of weakness with private lessons and then resit a future grading.

To continue improving, we recommend a combination of practice, online classes, private lessons, group classes, and social dancing. This is especially true for Beginner lessons, which are designed to be repeated. No matter your level, there are always areas for improvement and practice through training. The exciting part is that there is always room for growth, and we want to support you in your dance journey by helping you reach your maximum potential. It's always beneficial to receive feedback on areas that need work to improve.

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