Latin Dance Classes

Salsa Dance Classes Christchurch
Salsa Latina Dance Classes

Salsa Latina Dance School in Christchurch, offers Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba dance classes. Latin Dance styles are fun, modern & freestyle Street styles. Salsa & Latin Dance beginner courses start with a FREE Dance Class. Learn from New Zealand Salsa Champions. No experience or dance partner needed. Other Street Latin dance styles inc; Merengue, Mambo (aka Salsa On2) & Cha Cha On2 Lessons .

Other Dance Classes

Hip Hop Classes, Zumba Tango Burlesque & Wedding lessons
Independent Dance Classes:

Dance & Fitness classes run by independent teachers & businesses at Salsa Latina Dance Centre inc: Zumba Classes, Tango Courses, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Capoeira, Burlesque, Ballroom, Jive, Waltz, Wedding dances, Tahitian Dance, Belly Dance, JazzContemporaryReggaeton, Fitness Classes, Twerk, Pole Dance Classes. All dance classes located at Salsa Latina Dance Centre Christchurch  NZ

Dance Events

Latin Dance Pareties & Events in Christchurch
Salsa & Latin Dance Events:

Salsa Latina run many Latin dance events & parties in Christchurch New Zealand. Including our weekly Salsa & Latin dance event every Friday and our Social night with a Free dance class on Saturdays called Salsa Night Fever at Salsa Latina Dance Centre each month. We also host other major Dance Events & Festivals and support other New Zealand Latin Dance Festivals & Congresses.

Salsa Dance Classes

Salsa Dance Classes Christchurch
Salsa  Dance Classes

Learn to dance Salsa in Christchurch. It's the most popular partner dance world wide. It's a fun energetic spicy Latin Dance.
No Dance partner required, dance classes for Beginners through to Advanced

Bachata Classes

Bachata Latin Dance Classes Chirstchurch
Bachata Dance Classes

Learn to dance Bachata in Christchurch. A Latin dance style from the Dominican Republic & modernised  in Europe. Heaps of fun & easy  to learn . No Dance partner required, dance classes for all levels

Kizomba Classes

Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch
Kizomba Dance Classes

Learn to dance Kizomba in Christchurch. A Caribbean dance style from the Portugal . New to the world of dance and extremely popular. No Dance partner required, dance classes for all levels

Salsa Latina Video: Sept 2021 : Salsa Classes & Latin Dance Classes. Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba. Latin dance teachers & Performers. Multiple Champion Dance Teachers & Latin dance teams. Salsa social dancing from events & Salsa & Latin Night clubs in Christchurch New Zealand.

What is Salsa Dance?

What is Salsa? Salsa is a street latin dance for Salsa music, originating from Cuba, Puerto Rico & New York, it has now risen to the status of a world dance and considered the most popular partner dance world wide. Salsa dancing including other popular dance styles like Kizomba & Bachata mixes African & European dance influences through music & dance fusions. Today Salsa is a very modern dance that is influenced by other styles of modern dancing. Salsa can be a heavily improvised lead & follow partner dance or choreographed for performing, but is traditionally a Freestyle dance, danced in clubs and festivals. The Name Salsa orginated in New York and the Origin of the Salsa dancing & its music.

Salsa & Latin Dancing it's a very Modern Street Latin Dance Style

Salsa is first & foremost a social dance style, except for competitions & performances.

In the 'streets', Latin & Afro based dances such as Salsa, Cha, Bachata, Merengue & Kizomba are completely Improvised / Freestyle Street Dance, meaning it's 'not choreographed' It's a lead & follow dance and is constantly evolving with other modern dance styles being added.

There are also many styles of Salsa & Latin dancing around the world but you can dance with all of them if you learn that style of dancing well.


Another big misconception is Salsa or Latin dance are 'Ballroom dances', often you see these on TV, you'll often hear phases "lets dance The Salsa" these are recreations of original Latin dances which originated in England.
However in the 'real' Latin dance world Salsa and other Latin dance styles such as Rumba, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo in their true form are very different, their origins are Hispanic and afro, they are true street dances with all individual unique flavours "Sabor" and can be divided into their on accents depending on location.

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Find out what's on, what's hot, dance information. Latin Dance classes & Events in Christchurch listed on our facebook page. Join now or take a scroll here to see what's happening at Salsa Latina Dance Centre & our Studios in Christchurch New Zealand.

Salsa Latina Class Prices

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Salsa Latina Concession Cards & Prices

• Salsa Latina Concession cards can be used for any level, SalsaBachata or Kizomba classes. They also make great gifts. You can conveniently order these online via Pay pal on our website, once you have purchased this can pick up your card when you come to class.
• Special Beginner Course Deals available for Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba available for 24hrs after the course starts These are ideal for those that want to save and commit to a course.
• Memberships? 
We don't offer memberships at Salsa Latina, you can register or enrol for a Free class then decide what pricing structure to use.

SLTV Online Classes

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Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba
Online Dance Classes

- Free Videos to try out the Basic Steps so you can get a head start before taking classes, but also compliments dance classes. If you like the free ones, purchase the whole packages.
- Practice to Music Online Videos

- Partner Not required, you can train by yourself! Footwork & Partnerwork.

- For All  dance levels - Beginner, Improvers & Intermediate. 

- Learn each style you want to focus on, inc Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Cha Cha.

- Body Movement, Secrets, Spin better etc

- Exclusive & Salsa Latina Syllabus Content

- Learn & Practice Essential Fundamentals

- Learn relevant content that lines up with our regular classes at Salsa Latina

- New Content will be added to the courses in the future

Salsa Latina Studios


Salsa Latina is located in the heart of Christchurch New Zealand. Salsa Latina Dance Centre on 12 Bath Street, next to South City Mall with  tons of parking.

Dance History

History of all Partner Dancing

The Predecessor to all modern partner dances is the Waltz. 
If you look at Tango, Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Semba, Kizomba, Son, Forro, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, Swing, Jive, and all Ballroom styles. They all have..

Salsa & History

Millie Donay & Cuban Pete in New York Palladium Era dancing Salsa
Salsa Dance History

Salsa is a popular form of social dance had origins in Cuba. But it wasn't called Salsa until it hit New York. The movements of Salsa are a combination of the Afro-Cuban dances Son, cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Rumba, and the Danzón. The dance, along...

Dance Benefits


Salsa & Latin dance classes are an easy way to meet someone & gain more friends. Salsa & Latin Dancing is one of the few fun hobbies that couples or friends can do together. Dancing is a Fun way to exercise your body that fits into....

Street vs Ballroom

Street Latin vs Ballroom Latin
Street Latin vs Ballroom Latin

Latin dances defined: The term 'Latin dances' in the context of social and ballroom dances may be used in two meanings. The public tend to get these mixed up very easily, mainly due to lack of dance education. Its good to ..

Bachata & History

Bachata & History of Bachata
About Bachata & it's History

Bachata is a popular music style and Latin dance from the Dominican Republic. Although developed mostly in last forty years, it has just gained international popularity lately. Nowadays, Bachata is well known not simply in the Caribbean..

Kizomba & History

Kizomba & Kizomba History
About Kizomba & It's History

Kizomba is characterised by a slower, romantic, more sensuous rhythm than the traditional Angolan Semba dance. Kizomba music emerged as a more modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm and Haitian Kompa...

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Salsa Timing Mp3s

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Salsa Timing Music Mp3

Essential timing, rhythms & music for salsa dancers. it's for beginners to advanced levels. It contains counts so you can get used to stepping in time with salsa and give you not only music to practice to, but knowledge of how salsa music is constructed, so you can.......


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Dance Class Gradings

Group Class Gradings to Progressing to the next level, in Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba you will need to do a group grading or private grading to join a higher level. You wont be able to join higher levels without grading from 2021. 

FAQs for Dance classes chrischurch

Frequently Asked Questions about Dance Classes for Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba, Cha Cha & Merengue

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