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What’s Happening to Kizomba Classes? UPDATED

In response to the surge in popularity and the rapid expansion of our Bachata classes, we found ourselves confronted with a key decision. This decision wasn’t taken lightly, given our years of dedication to Kizomba classes and our instrumental role in nurturing the Kizomba scene in Christchurch.

The overwhelming demand for more Bachata classes & levels has contributed to our choice. As a dance studio but also as a business we need to use our time and resources in the most efficient way. As a result we are stopping Kizomba on Mondays (last class on Monday 28 Aug) and offering more Bachata classes & Levels in those time slots.

Rest assured that we’re not saying goodbye to Kizomba forever. We are actively exploring fresh opportunities for Kizomba classes & events on different days, with the possibility of collaborating with external instructors.

We understand this news might be upsetting to some of our Kizomba fans and students, but our commitment to Kizomba continues. Remember we also have online Kizomba classes & private lessons available for those that wish to explore this style.

(The Kizomba Room on Friday Night Latin Caribbean Parties will carry on as usual)

If you want to continue supporting our great studio and instructors don’t hesitate in starting a new dance style like Salsa & Bachata. We can support you, so please have a chat to us.

Kizomba Dance Classes Christchurch


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