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Salsa On2 'Mambo' Dance Classes


Mambo Salsa On2 Conversion Class

• Mambo Shines & Partnerwork

• Salsa Music & Percussion Theory
• Salsa On1 to On2 conversion

• Level: Improver & above (Salsa / Mambo Level)
• One-off Class every 8 Weeks

Salsa On2 conversion is converting the Salsa On1 to On2 known as Mambo. Luckily the Salsa On1 system already taught at 'Salsa Latina  Academy' is a New York Salsa System already. So make sure you are already learning Salsa On1 up to Salsa Improver level at Salsa Latina, before trying this Mambo Intro. The class will be more heavily focused on Shines aka ‘Footwork’ to start with which includes music theory to help your Salsa timing and then partnerwork. Salsa On2 or Mambo is essential for Salsa Intermediate and you could potentially be invited to carry on to Salsa On1/On2 Intermediate.

Class Times/Dates:

★  Tuesdays 6:15pm ......... 7th December 2021 (Improver & Intermediate)

★  Tuesdays 6:15pm ......... 15th February 2022 (Improver & Intermediate)

Level & Requirements:

Any Level Salsa improver from Salsa Latina or above  can join this class.
Beginners cannot join this class, you need to have graded to Salsa Improvers at minimum to join this class. If you are a beginner please join Salsa Beginner for a free 1st class here >


What is Mambo?

Mambo is Salsa On2, it's danced on the 2nd count aka ‘Salsa On2’, this style originated from New York. Whereas Salsa On1 is danced on the first count, this is taught in our beginners & improver level classes. The main thing to remember its still “Salsa” and It’s a very popular style around the world to dance. Its great for all Salsa Dancers to understand this style to give you more variety and exposure and to experience Salsa in a completely new way.

SLA Mambo Syllabus

The current system taught at Salsa Latina is mainly a New York system & includes Puerto Rican style  which can be danced on1 or on2. All the shines system is the same too, so it’s just a matter of learning more about the music and how to step in a different way. However not all Salsa dance schools teach a New York Salsa On2 syllabus, most Salsa On1 teachers or schools in fact teach a different structure, often LA style, which is incompatible to convert to Mambo, because you would have to learn the variations between the two styles.

Salsa Intermediate On1/On2

The start date or week#1 of Salsa Intermediate On1/On2 is A Salsa On2 Mambo Conversion Class. Mambo Conversion class happens every 8 weeks. Each Conversion class will be different in certain aspects so each time you do this class you can learn more about Salsa On2 (aka Mambo) You will see this also labeled on the timetable
Its possible for any Salsa On1 Improver dancer at Salsa Latina to join this week#1 and cover the Mambo content. You'll need to know some Mambo for the Salsa Intermediate if you are planning on progressing anyway, if you join this Intro class there is a possibly you could be invited to join Salsa On1/On2 Intermediate level from week#2 ...see levels below more about the levels and grading here >

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Salsa Online Classes

★ Free Beginners Salsa Basics Video

★ Mambo Conversion Class
★ Bachata Beginners & Intermediate Video Courses

★ Instructors: Reuben, Milena

★ Learn 24/7 in your own time & enhance your training

★ Content lines up with our regular classes at Salsa Latina
★ No Partner required, these are mainly solo training videos
★ Partnerwork Videos in some sections

★ Technique , Shines/ Footwork & Arms & Body Movement

★ Practice Footwork & Shines to Music
★ Extra Resourses