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Mambo 'Salsa On2' Classes

Learn Mambo from Adolfos special syllabus, this is the first time in New Zealand you get a chance to learn Salsa On2 in and exciting way on Fridays at Salsa Latina, it’s very popular world wide, so take your Salsa dancing to the next level by learning Mambo aka ‘Salsa On2’

Mambo Times:
★  Mambo Partnerwork .

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Mambo Partner-work Course

• Duration: 1 hour, once a week every week for 4 weeks.
• Mambo Shines & Partnerwork
• Salsa On1 to On2 conversion

• Improver & above (Salsa / Mambo Level)

• Partner required - please arrange one (under covid level2)

Mambo Shines Foot-work Course

• Duration: 1 hour, once a week every week for 8 weeks.
• Mambo Salsa On2 Shines  & Footwork + Shine Combos

• Salsa On1 to On2 conversion
• Intermediate (Salsa / Mambo Level)

• No Partner Required


What is Mambo?

Mambo is Salsa danced on the 2nd count aka ‘Salsa On2’, this style originated from New York. The main thing to remember its still “Salsa” and It’s a very popular style around the world to dance. It happens to be the same style we teach in our regular Salsa classes ‘Salsa On1’, just danced on the first count. The current system taught at Salsa Latina is mainly New York style flavoured and all the shines system is the same too, so it’s just a matter of learning more about the music and how to step in a different way.


Mambo Syllabus

Learn the complete Mambo system & syllabus from Adolfo at Salsa Latina. We’re excited to be the first in New Zealand to offer his teaching method and syllabus. Plus this system will be a perfect marriage to the current systems taught for Salsa On1 currently taught at Salsa Latina. So make sure you are already learning Salsa On1 before trying Mambo. The course will be more heavily focused on Shines aka ‘Footwork’ to start with and will gradually get more and more partner-work. - Total of 72 weeks of content

Adolfo Indacochea

Adolfo is a Peruvian professional dancer known for his sincere, energetic performances. He specialises in Mambo dance in New York style since one of his great mentors was Eddie Torres. To date, he has had the opportunity to present and teach people the art of dance throughout the world. Adolfo feels a deep love for mambo and always dances with his heart, as shown in his choreographies, where he expresses his original combinations for each level with that innovative touch that distinguishes him. Today, he's considered a true legend of Mambo and one of the successors of the great Eddie Torres.  After a long career in the world of dance as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and creator of the Latin Soul Dancers project.



Mambo / Salsa On2 Courses will be aimed at Salsa Improvers through to Intermediate and even higher levels will benefit. You will need to have completed at minimum the Beginners Salsa Course at Salsa Latina before joining any Mambo course, ideally you would want to be more well into Improvers Salsa on1 before attending Mambo (Salsa On2). 


- Scott & Grace will be teaching in the classes

- Reuben will be running & overseeing the classes & whole project

- Robyn Backup Teacher

Mambo Dance Teachers

Find out more about our teachers, see their profiles

Frequently Asked Questions

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- Classes to Easy or to Hard?

- What should I wear?

- Do I need special footwear?.

- Do I need to bring anything?

- How long will it take me to learn to dance well?

- Do I need to Practice?

- Should I use Youtube to help learning?

- Do I need private lessons?

- Latin Dancing & International Latin, what's the difference?.

- Should I Learn Salsa first?

- Am I too young, old, small or big?

- What are the Benefits of Salsa & Latin Dancing?

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Salsa Latina Class Prices:

• FREE 1st class; only applies the 1st week of Beginners Course Only.

• No Contracts or joining fees
• No Obligation
• Pay as you go system

• We accept Cash or Paypal & major bank cards (not EFTPOS)


• Casual Rate ...........................................$15 per class


• Blue x5 class Concession card ........... $65 ($13 per class)


• Red x7 class Concession card .............$85 ($12.14 per class)


• Gold x9 class Concession card ...........$105 ($11.66 per class)

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