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Salsa On2 Immersion Weekender : Workshops & Parties
NOW ENDED... but we may bring them back in 2024, so stay tuned!
see photos from the eve
nt on our blog


  New Date coming in April 2024
Calling all Salsa dancers!

This is the experience you won't want to miss on  'International Dance Day'.

We're very excited to announce the first-ever immersive Salsa On2 Mambo weekender with these two amazing 'Salsa world champions', featuring two parties and five workshops taught by Almendra and Richie at Salsa Latina in Christchurch. 

Full Pass Update

All Discounted full passes have finished and all of the Early Bird tickets were sold out within 48 hours, but you can still purchase 'full passes' at the full price any time and you will still save a bit of you intend to do every thing on the weekend. Otherwise you can purchase each workshop & party pass individually... see below.

Friday Night Party

Individual Tickets or Full Pass Options Available below
UPDATE: World Champs will now be arriving on Saturday Morning, but we have added a Free Salsa on2 workshop on Friday included with the full pass or party entry.

WS#1 Salsa On2 Shines

- Time:  8:30pm - 9:30pm
- Free with party entrance or full pass
- Level: Open level (all levels)
Join us for a Salsa On2 Open level footwork shines class designed for Beginners to Intermediate.
Get a head start with Salsa On2 with a class designed for everyone, absolute beginners not recommended but still welcome.
Teacher: Reuben & Miléna (Salsa Latina)

• Latin Warmup Party 

- Time:  9:30pm - 12:00am

Join us for a warmup night on Friday for warmup Latin dance night to Salsa, Cha, Mambo, Bachata & Kizomba!

All styles will be mixed on this night, however there will be slightly more ratio of Salsa & Bachata because we will have 2 studios open.
• Studio#1 Salsa & Bachata
• Studio#2 Kizomba & Caribbean Zouk

+ Free Salsa On2 Shines class as above

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Individual Tickets or Full Pass Options Available below

• WS#2 - Mambo Introduction

- Time:  12:30pm - 1:30pm

- Level: Salsa Improvers & above

Starting with the most essential class for all Salsa Dancers who want to understand the music and the Style of Salsa On2 (aka Mambo) you’ll soon delve into Salsa In a fun, new and informative way, you'll begin by connecting with your body to explore the fundamentals of Mambo, and then descover more musicality.
Teachers: Almendra & Richie (World Salsa Champions)


• WS#3 - Mambo Fundamentals#1

- Time:  1:45pm - 2:45pm

- Level: Salsa  Improvers / Intermediate & above

Commence your Mambo syllabus journey by mastering the individual steps and techniques, which form the foundation of this dance style. This class is ideal for both footwork/shines and partner-work, as it allows you to lay a strong groundwork for your future Mambo practices.
Teachers: Almendra & Richie (World Salsa Champions)



• WS#4 - Mambo Social & Spin Technique

- Time:  3:00pm - 4:00pm

- Level: Salsa Intermediate & above

Learn more fun cool dance shines and partnering to push your dancing. Learn skills to help your Mambo in social dance environment and skills, combined with spin technique that is ideal for social dancing & performing.
Teachers: Almendra & Richie (World Salsa Champions)


Saturday Night Party

Individual Tickets or Full Pass Options Available below


The Mambo Ball 

- Time:  9:00pm - 12:00am

- Dress to impress
- Animation (fun follow me dance) with the world champs during the party (NEW)
- Meet the world champs socially
Note: Doors Open 8:45pm

All styles will be mixed on this night, however there will be slightly more ratio of Salsa & Bachata because we will have 2 studios open.
• Studio#1 Salsa & Bachata - DJ Matias & Reuben
• Studio#2 Kizomba & Caribbean Zouk - DJ  Reuben & Milena

Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Individual Tickets or Full Pass Options Available below


• WS#5 - Mambo Fundamentals#2

- Time:  1:00pm - 2:00pm

- Level: Salsa  Improvers / Intermediate & above

Learn more of the Mambo Fundamentals in Partnerwork and help build more fundamentals into your dancing. This is an extension to Fundamentals#1.
Teachers: Almendra & Richie (World Salsa Champions)


• WS#6 - Mambo to Impress

- Time:  2:15pm - 3:15pm

- Level: Salsa Intermediate / Advanced

Building on the fundamentals learnt in all previous workshops you’ll learn to explore more amazing partnerwork moves and shines. This last class will be pushing well into Intermediate level & Advanced Concepts.
Teachers: Almendra & Richie (World Salsa Champions)



Prior to joining these classes, it is strongly recommended that you have a solid foundation in Salsa On1 and feel comfortable following an improver/intermediate level classes in our studio, or similar level if you have learnt elsewhere. Ideally you will be at Intermediate level and above. 

This Mambo weekender is all about exploring the world of Mambo & opening your Salsa up to new posibilties. If you're already doing Mambo in Salsa classes, you’ll feel right at home. If you are advanced there are more challenging classes lined up, but don’t miss the key fundamental classes beacuse each teacher has their own special teaching styles. Don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your level with us, so that we can help you maximize your learning experience.

Registration & Breaks:

To ensure a smooth registration process and to avoid any potential delays, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the first workshop on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you bought a full pass your name will be on a list to check-in. If you want more time to warm up, stretch, practice you may arrive up to 30mins prior to the first workshop.  You'll also get a chance to meet the teachers.

We've also scheduled 15-minute breaks between workshops so that you can hydrate, refuel, and practice before the next session.


Full passes below will give you access to all workshops and both parties. You can purchase full passes or individual workshop/party tickets online via our website or at Salsa Latina Dance Centre during opening hours. Terms & Conditions Apply*

Full Pass - Early Bird

Price: $119 
Includes all 6 
Workshops & both Parties

x22 Passes Only

Full Pass - Discounted

Price: $149
$144 with School Discount Code
Includes all 6 Workshops & both Parties
This option is only available until 25 April

Full Pass - Full Price

Available Any time
Price: $190
Save $15 off purchasing individually
Includes all 6 Workshops & both Parties

Friday Latin Warmup Party

Price: = $12
Available Anytime
Includes Shine On2 Workhshop#1


Saturday Mambo Ball

Price = $18
Available Anytime
includes Animation during the party

1 Workshop Class

Price = $35
Available Anytime

Private Lessons: 

The Private lesson price includes 1 hour of studio hire and can only be arranged at our venue.
Please arrange with Reuben on txt - 021 743 783 or email through the contact form here >

Private Lesson with either Almendra or Richie
- 1 person = $145 per hour
- 2 persons = $195 per hour


Private Lesson with both Almendra & Richie
- 1 person = $205 per hour
- 2 persons = $255 per hour


Salsa Latina: 12 Bath Street

Christchurch, New Zealand.

Note: All workshops, private lessons and parties will be held at Salsa Latina.
There is a mall across the road for food, parking is great and supermarket next door.
For traveller from out of town feel free to contact us for accommodations & travel tips.

What is Mambo - Salsa On2?

Salsa On2, also known as Mambo, is a style of Salsa danced on the second count. It originated in New York and remains a popular dance style around the world. Despite the different timing, it's important to remember that Salsa On2 is still Salsa. 

If you're already familiar with dancing Salsa On1, which is typically what most people learn initially, transitioning to Salsa On2 shouldn't be too difficult with some practice and knowledge. In fact, learning Salsa On2 can greatly benefit your Salsa On1 skills and provide more options for your dance repertoire, future events and festivals you might attend, plus any traveling experiences. ... read more >

We also teach Mambo 'Salsa On2' at Salsa Latina regularly at the higher levels

Almendra Navarrete & Richie Torres

Currently both are noted for being dancers and instructors of Afro-Caribbean Rhythms (specialized in Mambo) taking their work to different parts of the world.


Almendra Navarrete:

Chilena Professional ballerina. World Champion of the World Latin Dance Cup 2017, Feminine Soloist category and Salsa On2 category, in addition to being Ultimate Champion with her partner Richie Torres. Since 2014, she has been a podium player in the Female Soloist category at the 'WLDC' World Latin Dance Cup.


Richie Torres:

Argentino Professional dancer. In 2016, he won Second Place in the 'WLDC' World Latin Dance Cup Salsa On2 category with Almendra Navarrete. In the year 2017 he obtained the first place in the Salsa on2 category in addition to being the Ultimate Champion of the same event. Subchampions World Salsa Summit 2018 and 2019 Category Salsa On2. 

Discount Codes: 

Note: Ended on 20th April
If you're interested in attending this event, your dance school or club may have a special promotion in which they offer a $5 discount for early bird and full passes. It's important to act quickly, as each school or club is limited to offering 10 discount codes, with a maximum of 1 per customer. If you're unsure about how to obtain the discount code, simply contact your dance school or teacher during classes. Please note that these codes will not be advertised publicly, and are more likely to be shared verbally in classes or within your dance school.

Please note that the discount codes are only applicable to early bird passes and full passes, and cannot be used for individual pricing. The discount offer will end on April 20, 2023. To redeem the discount, go to our online shop and add your code during checkout. 

It's important to note that discounts cannot be added retrospectively.

NZ Schools with Discount Codes:

- Salsa Latina - Christchurch
- Pasion Salsa - Queenstown
- Ryde - Auckland
- Latin Fire - Christchurch 
- Salsa Magic - Wellington
- Vuelta - Dunedin
- EDP - Christchurch
- Danca Latina - Dunedin
- Salsa Groove - Marlborough

To other Salsa Schools in New Zealand, if you wish to be added to this program please get in contact with us asap

*Terms & Condition: 

- No Refunds
- Party & Workshop Class Passes can be transferred or sold to another with no fees.
- Full Passes can be transferred or sold to another person for Free, but there is a $10 transfer fee if done at the event or within 24hrs of the event starting. To avoid any transfer fees contact us online  here >  contact us
- Transaction Fees*  apply to all credit card transactions online or paywave (2.7%+30c)
- No Transaction Fees apply to Cash payments
- Pricing based on per person
- Discounts cannot be added retrospectively.
- The Code of Conduct applies to all participants 

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