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3 New Bachata Courses Start This Week!

This week heralds a significant milestone as we introduce, for the very first time at Salsa Latina, two Imp-Intermediate Bachata classes and 5 Classes per week total in Bachata with one more to come! This development holds particular importance for Bachata dancers, as it serves as a vital bridge for those who wish to progress to the Int-Advanced level, scheduled to commence at 8:30 pm in just a couple of months. This advancement helps dancers at this Bachata level to now choose to do one or two classes per week. For those that choose two classes per week can now effectively double the pace of their learning journey... more about the levels here >

We also have a new Bachata beginners starting This Wednesday, so do let any family & friends know so they can enjoy this amazing dance style. This class is Free for anyone including higher level dancers who wish to join for fun. Join here >

Grading: If you opt to undertake the formal grading assessment and successfully meet the requirements, you will be eligible to join the upcoming two imp-int Bachata levels commencing this week. It's crucial to successfully complete this grading process in order to gain access to the more advanced levels of instruction. If you miss a grading there is always another one coming or you might decide to do a private grading. more about gradings here >

Bachata Latin Dance Classes Christchurch

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