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Argentine Tango Dance Classes Christchurch

- Drop in class - Join in anytime
- All ages - Everyone Welcome
- Class length 90mins
- Open level for Beginners through to Intermediate levels
- For Men & Women (no partner required)

Tango Open Level: 

Mondays 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Not Running on These Dates:

- Public Holidays that fall on Mondays

- 03 July 2023

- 21 August until 02 October 2023 (restarts 09 Oct)

Each class we will focus on the fundamental elements of tango. Elements such as ‘The Embrace’, building connection, improving technique, musicality and navigation of the dance floor. As you gain experience we will explore the different possibilities of movement, improvisation and building a deeper connection with the music.
It takes two to tango, but when two becomes one that is when we truly dance Tango.



About Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango consists of a variety of styles that developed in different regions and eras, and in response to the crowding of the venue and even the fashions in clothing. Even though they all developed in Argentina and Uruguay, they were also exposed to influences reimported from Europe and North America. Consequently there is a good deal of confusion and overlap between the styles as they are now danced - and fusions continue to evolve. Argentine Tango is danced in an embrace that can vary from very open, in which leader and follower connect at arms length, to very closed, in which the connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between. Close embrace is often associated with the more traditional styles, while open embrace leaves room for many of the embellishments and figures that are associated with Tango Nuevo.

Tango is essentially walking with a partner and the music. Musicality (i.e. dancing appropriately to the emotion and speed of a tango) is an extremely important element of tangoing. A good dancer is one who makes you see the music. Also, dancers generally keep their feet close to the floor as they walk, the ankles and knees brushing as one leg passes the other.

Argentine Tango relies heavily on improvisation; although certain patterns of movement have been codified by instructors over the years as a device to instruct dancers, there is no "basic step." One of the only constants across all Argentine Tango styles, is that the follower will usually be led to alternate feet. Another is that the follower rarely has her weight on both feet at the same time. Argentine tango is a new orientation of couple dancing. As most dances have a rational-pattern which can be predicted by the follower, the ballast of previous perceptions about strict rules has to be thrown overboard and replaced by

a real communication contact, creating a direct non-verbal dialogue. A tango is a living act in the moment as it happens.

Contact & Instructor:

Gloria & Graham Whittington- also available for Private lessons.

Phone:  Graham - 022 394 7694 or Gloria – 021 0830 5931

Dance Company: G&G Tango


- Casual rate $20 per person for the evening

- No Free 1st class for Tango
- Eftpos & Online Payments may not be available for this independent business.



Salsa Latina - 12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Join Now

This class is an Drop-in class from an independent teacher at Salsa Latina, so full enrolment isn't required, but do 'Join Now' by subscribing below so you can stay informed. Subscribe below in case there are any changes, cancellations etc. This is he main way we communicate updates. Also learn about any new classes & deals coming too. You are welcome to simply turn up and join in this class or watch, if you want to be sure its running check the timetable.

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