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Kizomba Courses Start This Monday

New Beginners Kizomba with Free class to try out Tonight - This Monday 7:30pm, everyone welcome including new beginners with no dance experience welcome. .......find out more about the Kizomba here >

New Intermediate Kizomba also starts with new Kizomba moves to learn. Only available to those that have passes a 101 Kizomba grading. ....... more about gradings here >

What is Kizomba? Kizomba is a close and sensual partner dance style which is growing massively through the world and its extremely popular in Europe which is driving this style everywhere. It's mainly considered to have come from Portugal because this was the place that fused all the different cultural styles, it was the melting pot and the place in Europe it all came together. The base of Kizomba music is actually "Afro Caribbean Zouk' ...... read more >

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